For all AZN artist fans

my heart only breaks when it's beating;
my dreams only die when I'm dreaming...

Owner: Kei-Chan
Screen Name: Ai_Tsurai
Birthday: May. 11.
some lines in this blog/journal/profile are expressed in [besides English] either Japanese or Tagalog.

This is the owner: SunaKei-Chan that's my nickname [even @ skool!] so you guys can call me Kei or Kei-Chan or whichever you prefer.
I am an azn, filipino to be exact. I can speak some tagalog.
I am a fan of Johnny's Entertainment, SM Entertainment & YG Entertainment; Hot jap/korean guys ftw!!! and mostly other Japanese actors/actresses.
I am mostly irritated when people annoy me. urusai baka! I tend to be short-tempered sometimes and annoy people back. teehee??? But, like most people, I love to laugh ne!
This journal: ai_tsurai, was originally going to be named Ai_Janai because it's japanese for 'It's not love' but, I couldn't since it was taken. what a bummer. But, ai_tsurai is good too, since it means 'Heartbreak_Love' though it doesn't really make sense, I wanted something that rhymes with 'ai' so yeah.
I like all things Japan (or at least accept them.) I am learning to love and understand their culture more. So, to prevent me from going off topic, I'll just tell you the things I like right off the bat. Let's start.

I'll start with Japan. I like to read Manga, and I also like to sketch/draw imperfect still pictures. I'm into Jpop and Kpop, [NewS & SHINee daisuki desu!] I used to heart BIGBANG [K-pop] soo much, but friggin taeyang had to get all popular in the U.S.A and now... I heart SHINee!
uhhhmmm... I like any form of art. Internet is half my life and music helps me to forget those horrible nostalgic things.

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